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The free trial and trading seminar is designed for traders who are looking for a long-term trading solution. StockMarketFunding understands there are many trading courses and programs out there, but none let you test drive the education before paying.

At StockMarketFunding we look to provide traders with transparency by showing all our live trades with entries and exits before making a financial commitment. This free trading seminar is for serious traders with trading a minimum of $5,000 in trading capital.

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Stock Market Trading
In this live free trading seminar you will receive an introduction to trading strategies for a high-frequency trading markets.

Learn more the benefits of opening an account. In this free trading seminar you will learn about the advantages of trading with SMF in high frequency trading and how our trading platform works.

This free trading seminar is designed for traders looking to make a serious commitment to learn the stock market.


How to trade call and put options intraday
Why current "day trading" strategies do not work in a high-frequency trading models.
How to trade the opening bell
When to trade stocks long and when to sell stocks short
When to enter a trade and when to exit a trade
How to trade in light volume high-frequency markets
Introduction to the 52 Week Market Maker School will provide you with the tool, trading technologies and trading education "How to be a Successful Stock and Options Trader" and start making huge profits in today's stock market. Yeah most of today's investment professionals on CNBC including hedge fund managers and mutual fund managers not understanding why equities have been sky-rocking in the face of bleak economic data.

How to be a Successful Stock and Options Trader and Start Making Money in Today's Stock Market teaches it's students how to trade markets whether they go up or down. Market makers making money by trading equities and options long & short every day. We are here to sell you to be here and we've provided more FREE live trading videos than anyone on the internet. We've provided the public with a full detailed track record and those that listened when

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Make Money Trading Options  

Today was another successful trading day for trader! How to be a Successful Stock and Options Trader you ask? View all our VERIFIED TRADES WITH SCREEN SHOTS! The first successful  trades was entered at 9:32:56 at $8.50 with an immediate exit at 9:34:10. We cashed in $600 in LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!
Options Trading System

We made a total of $2,200 trading profits in JUST THE FIRST 30 MINUTES OF TRADING.  Open an account and join our free seminar and get started making trading profits today! STOCKMARKETFUNDING.COM IS #14 on PROFITLY $$ Profits All-Times with $516,000...and we posted our first trade only May 20, 2012 7:59 PM and the site has been around much longer. (All trades have verified screen shots!) If you want to Start Making Money in Today's Stock Market then join our FREE TRIAL.

Start Making Money in Today's Stock Market

How to be a Successful Stock and Options Trader

Options Trading System We Made $600 on 1 TRADE in Less than 2 minutes!


There are tons of people in today's society that don't believe they deserve success on a subconscious level. Most people think they never be successful in the stock market and that it's impossible to beat the high frequency trading robots. For 90% of them, they're right. Without a proven system to beat high frequency trading you will never beat them and they will take out your stops and go higher and eventually take all your money.  
Make Money Trading Options

SMF Options Exchange - Offers Real-Time Options Price Entries, Trading Stock Options Basic and Advanced Option Trading Strategies. Keys to Successful Stock Options Trading Stop-Loss & Risk Management - Take small stops and don't let them get so big they take you out of the market. Watch Options Charts - Everyone loves to trade options but 95% of you retail options traders have never seem an option chart. Knowing where an option has been is critical to understanding where it will go. Don't Buy Retail - Everyone loves to "Trade the Trend" a stock gaps up, they can't wait to buy a call for a "continuation move" that never comes. Why do 80%+ of options traders lose money? It's because they don't have a PROVEN "Options Trading System" that makes daily options trading profits like   

Stock Trading System $1,267.50 After Hours Profits in 28 SECONDS

You will learn live everyday and be taught by the SMF Trading Market Maker Division Lead Trader Mario Marciano. We offer daily "Options Mentoring" to help you learn stock options trading and how to be a successful stock and options trader. Our 52 week Market Maker Trading School offers training 7 DAYS A WEEK! We are there with you every step of the way to help you become a successful stock and options trader.

How to be a Successful Stock and Options Trader and Start Making Money in Today's Stock Market

With over 30 year of trading experience Mario reflects on his initial interest in the stock market starting in elementary school where he began to study companies, read newspaper articles and paper trade. He started wondering why some of his stocks would go down and others went up. His father was a trader and took him under his wing at a young age but made him learn on his own while he was young. Through these trials, tribulations, and frustrations he was able to start to figure out what would take 30 years to fully build into a actual trading platform. It' a mathematical system has develop with advanced trading formulas, customization of stock charts  and voice alerts triggering you at key levels.

WE SAVED PEOPLE MILLIONS WHEN WE WARNED MARKETS NEEDED A 10% CORRECT ON Apr 24, 2010 with our "Flash Crash Prediction". (We linked to the video so you can see the time stamp)

He was among the minority of investors and traders who survived the crash in 1987 by correctly predicting the decline and selling short. By accurately predicting the 1987 stock market crash, he helped save investors and traders millions. Mario called the 1996 Bull Run that led up to the Tech Bubble which created the greatest decline in the history Nasdaq Composite Index which Mario accurately predicated when the Nasdaq Composite hit 5,047 and started getting his traders short.

After the aftermath left by the Tech Bubble Crash of 2000, Mario accurately called the 2002 bottom and was able to buy some great stocks at record lows. After the market lows, identified the housing bubble before it inflated that led to the greatest financial collapse in US History. CEO Mario Marciano saved thousands of investors and traders the hardship that America faces today and they were able to make huge profits through the decline. has trained several thousands of traders over the years and he is he is here to help you through 2013.

Each new account opened at StockMarketFunding will receive:
• No prior trading experience needed to open an account
• $2,500 minimum to open an account
• Exclusive trading software and tools through Titan Equity &
• Direct access trading software for lower prices compared to retail discount brokerage firms.
• Institutional per share commission rates with trader rebates and incentives
• floor trading specialist will guide you through each buy and sell transaction to get the best order fills and exits trading stocks and options.
• Unlimited access to archived educational videos and past webinars and access to our exclusive trading events.

With over 4,200 live trading videos with trading profits you will be able to go back and review these live trading lessons. Next week we will cover today's high frequency trading and the overall market conditions and how to position your portfolio using index options.
Make Money Trading Options