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What is a SMF Market Maker?
SMF is a market maker company made up of individual traders who utilize SMF High-Frequency Trading Algorithms designed with mathematical bid and ask prices that allows the SMF Market Maker to compete with HFT Technologies and traditional NYSE Floor Traders which lets you beat them at their own game.
Market Makers need trading capital in order to make a market. SMF Market Makers enrolled in the Market Maker School or buy seats to utilize our proprietary SMF Stock & Options Market Maker Trading Systems will be provided with trading capital through Titan Equity

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Stock Market Trading
The Top 1% steals from the 99% using advanced technologies and high-frequency algorithms designed to take money away from the retail day trader and investment community. SMF has built its own market maker trading system to beat these people at their own game. At you will learn advanced "Day Trade Options Trading Strategies" used by professional hedge fund managers and market makers.

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The SMF High-Frequency Options Trading System (HFOTS) designed by took over 30 years to develop and it’s exclusive ONLY to StockMarketFunding Market Makers who buy their seats on the SMF Options Exchange.

The average day-trading Joe or Jane is getting killed trading stock & options using the old “Day Trading” model systems and training and can no longer compete with the high frequency trading Algorithmic Pricing Model we see today.

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SMF has a proven track record of trading results. We welcome you to watch all our live videos on YouTube and join us for a free trial period to experience our services during live market hours.

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Liquidity-Seeking Algorithm Strategies - Options Trading Advanced Strategies used by StockMarketFunding Options Traders designed to keep you one step ahead of the high frequency trading robots.

Stock market commentary videos provide live stock trading education covering high frequency trading education video tutorial in the equity markets and major topics like Stocks - Options - Dow Jones S&P 500 - Nasdaq 100, and more stock index videos & market trends.