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Options Order Execution

The electronic trading environment at SMF is a flexible solution that gives you access to top options trading technologies and advanced options order types.

SMF uses liquidity-seeking algorithems and microstructure research, robust underlying data and continued investment in development of real-time quantitative inputs ensure our algorithms provide superior execution quality in a changing high-frequency trading marketplace. on on on on on TwitterImage Map

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Learn about's advanced options order routes and execution strategies. Below you'll see a more about our advanced options strategies and order routes designed to help StockMarketFunding students beat high-frequency trading robots.

Most retail options trading platforms don't have direct-access order routing cababilities so many options traders see prices print, but they don't get filled with their limit orders. At StockMarketFunding our advanced options orders allow us to hide orders, for example, we could be buying 50 contracts but only show the market we want to buy 5.

We also have the ability to splice options orders across all available options exchanges which allows us to at advantage of additional liquidity in the options market.

Liquidity-Seeking Algorithmic Strategies

Helps minimize market impact and price fluctuation when trader is looking to sweep the top of the book at multiple prices points.

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