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Welcome to's personalized coaching programs! Over the past 25 years we have had the opportunity to work with thousands of new, intermediate, and advanced investors and traders

Custom 1-on-1 coaching programs are $200/hour with a 40 hour minimum committment.

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During that time frame we were able to pin point key specific physiological mindsets, beliefs, and behavior patterns related to investing and trading in the stock market

The biggest key factor we found were the belief systems many incorporated were based on myths about the stock market. These myths were derived from TV shows, books, financial newspapers, financial seminars, get-rich-quick schemes, and the growing number of misconceptions about investing.
At SMF, we believe that our coaching programs are unique because they are designed to address the individual needs, 1-on-1, through our dedication and time to you; we’re able to provide solutions to everyone based directly on their personal mindsets and beliefs. 

Our SMF Coaching Programs start with a 3-month commitment. We believe in having long-term relationships with our clients and we require a minimum of 3 months that is needed to address the introductory stages of successful wealth management, investing, and retirement planning.
The SMF Coaching staff is very flexible because we work with people on their time schedules as many newly enrolled SMF clients have been with other firm’s coaching programs and experienced past failures around scheduling and meeting the clients’ needs. 

We offer live coaching during market hours, evening hours, and weekends because we always put our clients’ needs first. Clients will attend our virtual online class room that is designed to provide you with visual and audio technologies that are easy to use from anywhere. This makes coaching convenient for traveling executives, doctors, and everyone around the world.
At SMF we surveyed our new and existing client base over the years and discovered that most investors felt they never received the type of attention they needed to accomplish personal success. The working examples that clients described were only text book materials that provided no significant value in helping individuals achieve long-term profitability in the stock market.  

When we asked investors and traders if their personal coach could actually sit down and write out a detailed investment strategy that was simple to learn and implement to achieve consistant profitability they said this was what they were looking for but hadn’t found. 
We built our coaching model to specifically address the needs around what investors and traders told us the other coaching programs lacked. This is how SMF has built long-term relationships with individuals and has created a successful coaching program that all new and existing clients needed to achieve profitability in today’s market. SMF would like to get to know you so that you can receive the attention you need.