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SMF has a live trading room that is designed by Hotcomm which delivers high quality screen sharing in real time during live market hours. 

Live Trading Room Features uses hotComm which provides real-time screen sharing our instructors and students. This creates a natural environment is far better for learning than standard chat rooms or message boards. hotComm is the only synchronous direct online training provider for trader looking for 2-way rich-media enhanced sessions.

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Join us in our live trading room to learn how to trade stock and options intraday using the latest trading technologies to beat high frequency trading. Get the latest market commentary and live options order entries by getting started with our free trial.

We let people experience our trading services before they pay money. That way if you can't see the value in the trading education provided by StockMarketFunding then you don't have to pay. We're confident in our ability to accurately predict equity and option price movements and we stand by our commitment to help traders and hedge fund managers succeed in high-frequency trading markets.

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