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Options Trading Training Course

This is an exclusive optional SMF Market Maker Program. This $2,000.00 Monthly Options Training with live entry and exits provide by the SMF Market Making Team directly to the Trader with limit order entry prices and exit order prices provide by SMF Team to capture intraday profits. (WATCH Options Trading Training Course Video)

You will have 30 years of market makers experience working directly for you to get the wholesale entry prices vs. public entry prices leading to greater risk/reward ratios and profitability. 
The stop order management and volume entry management will be decided by the Market Maker to the direct access trader. Each trader will follow complete order entry management. 
To qualify you simply open a trading account.

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Every new US or INTERNATIONAL trader will have trading capital provided to him/her  based on the following account schedules to participate with the SMF Market Maker everyone qualifies the reason why the management services and training gives everyone worldwide the opportunity to participate in this program that is optional to each new account holder. 


Open a Trading Account

Options Trading Training Course New Account Benefits

• No prior trading experience needed to open an account
• $2,500 minimum to open an account


Options Trading Training Course Breakdown of Costs

The combined total cost of this training would be $8,500 for the month and is currently discounted 76% to $2,000 a month for people who open a new trading account with Worldwide Prop Trading &

Options Trading Services Non Account Owner Account Owner
3 Full Weekly options expiration training $3,000.00 $680.00
1 Full Monthly options expiration training $1,500.00 $360.00
160 Hours of Options Trading Training $4,000.00 $960.00
Total Cost $8,500.00 $2,000.00

A weekly options expiration for new accounts is currently discounted from $1,000 a week down to $240 a week ($48 a day).

A full week during a monthly options expiration for new accounts is discounted from $1,500 down to $360 per week ($72/day).
The SMF Market Maker Trading Divison is able to provide this generous discount in pricing because the market maker options entry and exits help you cover the costs of the weekly training while you learn.

The combined total cost of this training would be $8,500 for the month and is currently discounted 76% to $2,000 a month for people who open a new trading account with Worldwide Prop Trading & 

Every new account holder qualifies for the Market Maker Options Trading Course that will help you overcome any past experiences and personal confidence issues that you may have experienced with high volatility markets and options trading.

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Here are 3 recent profitable options trading examples of our market maker trades you can watch how the SMF Market Maker Traders were able to make some huge trades in just a short period of time. This is not an email or alert service, all training is done live online during market hours. Each of these trades were options or equity alerts given out by the market maker division. 

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