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Today's retail day traders are handicapped to high frequency trading software and retail discount brokerage firms’ poor execution. Combined with the pattern day trading rule with account balances under $25,000 we understand the frustrations you have which is why we’ve created the StockMarketFunding.Com Stock Exchange.

Stock markets are at all-time highs and you no longer need to be left out of these great trading opportunities. We back you with our 30 years of market maker trading experience and provide you with training and new state-of-the-art technologies you need to successfully execute trades in today's high frequency trading markets.

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Additional StockMarketFunding Stock Exchange Features

• Live Trading Room

• 52 Week High/Low Alerts

• Extreme Price Volatility Alerts

• Free Economic Analysis Report

• Analyst Upgrade/Downgrade Alerts

• $2,500 minimum to open an account

• Key Sector & Indices Alerts & Trends

• 10:1 buying power $5,000 minimum ($5,000 x 10 = $50,000 intraday)

• 15:1 buying power $10,000 minimum ($10,000 x 15 = $150,000 intraday)

• Institutional per share commission rates with trader rebates and incentives

• The StockMarketFunding High Frequency Trading Platform targets key price points before the markets open.

• Exclusive trading software and tools


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The Lead SMF Market Maker will issue intraday stock price alerts you will be responsible to trade. The SMF Market Maker will define intraday risk management on all entry and exits with defined profit and stop loss orders. With our Stock Exchange Alert Price Entries we will help you maximize your issued buying power given to maximum profit potential.
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Watch the live market maker in action making real trades based on the StockMarketFunding's Stock Exchange price alerts.

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Questions about getting started with the StockMarketFunding Stock Exchange? Email us or call (702) 685-0772 and we'll help you get started in the SMF Stock Exchange.