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Gap Trading Seminar




Course Length - 1 Full Trading Day of Live Trading Education

Course Pricing - $1,000

Course Description - Gap trading is a simple and disciplined approach to buying and shorting stocks during premarket. These premarket gaps are designed through artificial price prints designed by high frequency trading robots in the futures pits. 

Our mathematical gap trading pricing systems are designed to help you maximize your entries and exits during premarket and after-hours trading.
Learn how you can earn money by analyzing the disruptions in normal price patterns and taking advantage of wide bid & ask spreads. Watch some of our live pre-market gap trading videos where we teach you how to trade the wide bid & ask.

You will learn

• How to cover a short sale when markets are gapping higher
• How to steal a wholesale price when futures markets sell down
• When to square your positions on the opening bell long and short
• When to avoid shorting and buying during premarket
• How to take advantage of extreme price volatility movements in premarket
We’ll cover a variety of other topics that will help you profit from trading in premarket gaps. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, Tumblr and on on on on on TwitterImage Map

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