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Thanks for taking the time to review the SMF Direct Access Market Maker Online Trading Platform. has developed a market maker trading platform that tracks bid/ask prices that are used by floor traders that use sophisticated technologies to control intraday pricing between the public buyers and sellers commutated by mathematical formulas and high frequency trading robots.

After 25 years of back-testing on all major stock exchanges (NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX, CBOE, ect) SMF has tested all the market maker models and old black box algorithms that were once used that have transformed into the high-frequency trading machines we see today.
The public buyer and seller is manipulated into standard technical analysis indicators that are used by the high frequency trading robots that control the price before the technical indicators change or give buy signals or sell signals to traders. on on on on on TwitterImage Map

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Today’s retail trader is handicapped to the advanced stock market software and market pricing manipulation. We understand the frustration caused by discount online trading & retail brokerage accounts like TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Etrade, ThinkorSwim, Zecco, and ScottTrade.  

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Their retail investors and traders cannot keep up with the high volume algorithmic trading and price volatility movements that are calculated by computing cycles that are generated through the ECN (Electronic Communication Network).  Buyers and seller are matched up in prices in seconds.

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Market MakerTrading Platform

Stock market software and HFT has made it extremely difficult for active investors and traders to participate in the market.  Many investors and financial trading professionals agree that these HFT Robots have an unfair advantage that should be address. SMF Market Maker Traders take advantage of the wholesale prices by using our Market Maker Trading Platform. has developed its own proprietary Trading Diamond Alert System. What is a Diamond Alert? It is the ultra-high frequency trading mathematical pricing system formulas which allow our Market Maker Traders to get the orders one step ahead of the high frequency trading robots using our direct access options order routing HFT technologies.  

Once trained on how to use the mathematical trading system, it will do all the work for you and trigger your entries and exits ahead of all High Frequency Trading (HFT) Execution System beating them at their own manipulation. 
Witness our proprietary Ultra High Trading Diamond Alert HFT System. This is an exclusive trading platform and was not designed to be a mass marketed product for the public.

StockMarketFunding built stock market software and mathematical trading systems which harness the power of intra-day trading formulas. This software also features weekly and month trading formulas. Hedge fund managers and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) are welcome to sign up for their free 5 day trial
Increase your personal portfolio or firm’s profitability and implement customized, trading & risk management systems with a mathematical foundation built by SMF.
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Below you will see a list of our advanced options trading strategies which utilize Liquidity-Seeking Algorithms

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