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•  The StockMarketFunding Market Maker Trading School teaches a comprehensive 52 week live trading education and training program on how to beat high frequency trading robots.

•   The StockMarketFunding Market Maker Trading School teaches students how the light volume high frequency trading robots trade markets higher and lower at standard technical buy & sell signals.
•   The advanced trading strategies and super computers empower the 1% to steal from the 99% using high-frequency software to take out stops, "quote jam" and other deceptive practices. has built its own market maker trading system to beat these people at their own game. on on on on on TwitterImage Map

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•   Our state-of-the-art trading software is extremely power and offers voice alerts and other advanced technical analysis strategies we've built into it.
What is High-frequency Trading or (HFT)? It is the practice of using highly manipulated computerized algorithms which use sophisticated technological tools to trade high beta securities stocks like AAPLGOOGAMZNBIDUISRGCMGPCLN, and MA.
The SMF High-Frequency Options Trading System (HFOTS) designed by took over 30 years to develop and it's exclusive ONLY to our trading students. Learn the power of high frequency option market making using the SMF Option Pricing Methodology vs Black Scholes and why our system works and the others do not.
Why did SMF develop the SMF High-Frequency Options Trading System? We wanted a way to help the retail traders and investors make money and make sense of the high frequency trading model we have today.

The manipulation occurs through wide bid/ask spreads, thin market price fixing in options premiums, options time value decay, high-frequency electronic pricing systems that take away from the public.
Even people who are highly knowledgeable about the financial markets and work in the industry do poorly. JP Morgan just lost $2 Billion dollars trading. That’s why with over 4,200 video, StockMarketFunding is the #1 Provider of live trading videos on YouTube (Subscribe Here). 
SMF invites you to join us during live stock market hours to witness the live market maker trading strategies with orders given during pre-market trading with live entries and exits. We will teach you to stop being a victim to the stock & options market and start profiting using the same trading techniques the elite use to steal from the public.

StockMarketFunding was recently hired by Worldwide Prop Trading to exclusively train their high level prop traders and new day trader accounts opened at Worldwide Prop Trading. 

SMF was selected as the exclusive risk management education provider. The owner and founder of Worldwide Prop Trading witnessed the powerful truth of our high frequency trading systems through our live trading videos and knew that SMF was the firm of choice that would convert his traders from day traders to profitable market makers.

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    Trading Platform

    The SMF Trading Platform with "automated alerts" which harness mathematical price action trading formulas we've invented and implemented into our "state-of-the-art trading software". SMF provides daily stock & option trading research, trading tutorials, stock scans and educational videos. Stop back daily for the newest stock research, stock & options videos, technical analysis and market commentary.