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Massive Put Options Bought on the SP 500 Index Oct 2011

Date: 9/24/2010

Update on the 1110 Put Option on the SPX.x huge big bet of 165,380 contracts "open interest" they really bought a lot that day. The 1100 Put Option we have here was the one we had highlighted on the prior video when they were buying big at much higher prices. This 1120 Put Option was traded way up at the highs. The 24,000 contracts were traded on that single day.

Now look how upside down they are when SMF said to have the up and out-of-the money SPX Call Option. The same video 1120 call was highlighted as well. This is that big put buying by the "institutional traders". The 1110 Call 165000 short for the month of "Red October" we'll be buying put options below the market but we're letting our call side of the options market run. The call is being bullish on the long side. We'll be looking at the 1150 Put Options now and we have bids below the market. The 1150 Put is at $20.10 we have bids at $15.70 for the day. Let the retail side of the market run and now we're getting on the other side of the bull.

Basically we'll get so wholesale on these puts we'll be forced to buy them. Bear makes move, bears make move and we're there to take advantage and trade options on both sides of the stock market S&P 500 Index. Stock Market Options Trading Video.

Follow up from the 9-14-2010 Video "Massive Put Options Bought on the S&P 500 Index Indicating Another 2010 Stock Market Crash?" and the video "Smart Money" Massive Put "Options Trading Activity" the Put Options Purchased on the S&P 500 Index indicating another Stock Market Crash 2010? Charts Options Trading SPX Strategies Live 1120 Sept Put Option Huge Trade Related ETFs SSO, SDS, SPXU & SPY 1120 24,696 options contracts traded. Big options purchased 1,000 contract lots, $2.1 Million. These guys are expecting a huge drop in the S&P 500 Index. Big boys and institutional traders making huge bearish bets.

Wide bid and ask spreads. Big volume moving in, these options are not cheap. $2,500 per contract and we're seeing large institutional options purchases. Many stock market pundits are calling for a "Stock Market Crash" including "Gerald Celente" "Nouriel Roubini" and other notable trends forecasters. Now we're seeing bigger traders come back after the worst August for the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 2001.

As many are predicting an "economic collapse" in 2010 it is an election year and "Wall Street" always has a way of putting these stock market sell offs off till it's convenient for them to first walk off the short-interest before taking the market markets lower.

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