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Dow Jones & Gold Have First Historical Triple-Digit Loss EVER

Date: 4/15/2013

Dow Jones & Gold Have First Historical Triple Digit Loss in History (VIDEO). Today was a terrible day for stocks as they sold off throughout the trading day and every dip bought, continued to make lower lows. Today is the first time in the markets we've seen the high frequency trading robots unable to repeat their "buy the dip" programming and short cover off the lows.

In this closing bell stock index analysis video on the Dow Jones Industrial Average index we'll highligh today's 266 point sell down and key support levels on the Dow. There was an attack on US soil at the Boston Marathon around 3:19 PM which added selling pressure to an already weak stock market.

Equities and commodies sold off hard on big margin debt redemptions, hedge funds and mutual funds redeptions, and retail sellers taking profits. We told traders that markets were extremely overbought just last week and they put in a blowoff top and have broke short term moving average support levels.

In this video we'll provide market commentary on the broad based volatility and market sell-off. The Dow Jones Transportation Index got hammered down 233.9 points or 3.8% to close at 5,909.9

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