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Online Stock Market Opening Bell Education Apple AAPL

Date: 1/8/2013

Online stock market opening bell education Apple Computer AAPL (VIDEO). In this online stock market trading education video we'll cover shares of Apple Computer (AAPL) on the opening bell. traders were able to get long in pre-market and able to lock in over $6,000 trading profits before the 9:30 opening bell.

In this online stock market opening bell education video you'll learn how to go long at the lows in pre-market trading and how to sell into resistance on the opening bell. Apple shares can be very profitable for quick traders that know how to enter and exit the trades quickly. These trades include both Apple stock and options and there was a lot of excitment in the video since we're directing several traders with live orders.

We'll cover the first 11 minutes of the opening bell and the first 6 trades we entered an exited. Get started with by opening account or learn about our stock market school

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