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Stock Market System $20 Short Drop ISRG Intuitive Surgical

Date: 3/14/2013

Stock market system $20 short drop ISRG Intuitive Surgical on comments on Medical Device Reporting Practices. In this live stock market short selling tutorial we'll show you how headline news can drive share prices lower. Shares of ISRG have been a short since the two day reversal up hit the 200 day moving average. The first move down on initial headline event on 2/28/2013 (see video below) took shares down to $485.80.

Shares of ISRG opened at $514.23 and hit an intraday high of $517.44. After this high was put in the put side of the market got really cheap. The $500 March Put hit a low of $.20 after opening at $.60. After the news the contracts hit a high of $15.

The $500 call option opened at $14.20 hit an intraday high of $16.10 and hit a low of $.65 down over 90%! You can make money trading options on both sides of the calls and puts as well as both long and short the equity. We use our stock market system to take advantage of wholesale prices in the options pit using our mathematical trading platform we've built for our traders.

We've been covering shares of Intuitive Surgical since the week it started making $80 drops in price. We'll cover how our stock market system uses mathematical trading strategies and mathematical performance metrics to nail both the long and short side of each trade. 

Below you will see some of the live trading coverage pops & drops on ISRG we've covered going into today's drop.

2/28/2013: Intuitive Surgical Robot Safety Probed by Regulators Short After Hours Drop ISRG
3/4/2013: Learn How to Trade Shares of ISRG Huge Short on Headline News
3/5/2013: Stock Trading Lesson ISRG Opening Bell Short Long Off the Bottom

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