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Understand High Frequency Trading Software Scripts PCLN

Date: 1/3/2013

Understand high frequency trading software scripts (PCLN). In this live stock market education video we'll cover how to trade shares of long and short during periods of consolidations. Understand high frequency trading software scripts in this live trading tutorial on PCLN. 

Priceline tends to get parabolic moves up and down due to the high price and low volume which allows high-frequency trading sofware programs to take advantage of PCLN movements. If you want to learn how to trade against high frequency trading software programs then join us in our trader seminar free.

Learn how to trade high-frequency trading software trade scripts by understanding how to use our mathematical trading platform to price in the critical equity price levels before the markets open. Today on 1/3/2013 Nasdaq stocks completely froze on Apple, Amazon, Baidu, Netflix, Google and more. We'll break the news in a follow up trading video. We believe this may be due to a programming glitch with the exchanges.

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