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159% Options Trading Return 40 Minutes Opening Bell AAPL

Date: 1/16/2013

159% Options Trading Return 40 Minutes Opening Bell AAPL (VIDEO). In this options trading education video tutorial you'll see how was able to nail an opening bell trade on Apple Computer for a nice 159% return.

Retail headlines read "Why Apple Could Fall to $350" and options traders are profiting off a long position while all the retail stock analyst are way late to the plate!?! Why didn't they tell everyone to sell at $700 instead of telling people to BUY and it would go to $1,000?

We'll cover how we were able to steal the entry on the lows and able to take advantage of the oversold conditions before the bounce.

WATCH "Options Trading TutorialMake sure you check out this video where we show you how we recently made 396% on this options trade.

This options trading education video tutorial will cover our "options trading system" we've developed for our options traders highlighted several buy signals going into the closing bell yesterday. The bear stayed too long and the shorts were squeezed and we took advantage the move.

We moved in on the $515 January call option on Apple that used to trade over $180/contract, the SMF entry was $.85 over 99% off the high price. 

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